Hello Beautiful!

Its time to shine!

Its time to shine how your body, soul & spirit wants you to shine through what you wear. We often try to blend in, disguise, hide who we inherently are because deep down somewhere we feel we are not enough as we are. That we are not slim enough, tall enough, pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough.....or anything enough.

But you are enough, so enough, exactly as you are!

Hiding yourself does not serve you or the world. In fact hiding yourself is the barrier you have between you and everything you want/deserve in this world! I mean, how can it possibly find you when you are in disguise? Do you know there is a power to be had by not hiding? 

Well Beautiful, there is and it feels AMAZING!

Not sure how to get to this point...

Well I'm Paulema and I am your Personal Style Alchemist who can see your beauty, take all that you are and create a style all of your own that makes you feel beautifully empowered to take on life on your terms.

Warning!! Working with me is likely to make you love the way you look, feel confident, be visible and subsequently speak your mind, go after what you want, not settle for anything less than you are and not care what others think of your new confidence!

So if you feel ready to take you and your style to that next amazing level then step this way!