Hi, I'm Paulema and I am a The Style Alchemist.

What's that you may say? Well I am a Personal Stylist who coaches you to embrace all that you are to be able to unapologetically let that shine through what you wear giving you an immense sense of empowerment! I am not your regular Image Consultant/Personal Stylist as I am here to help you come as close to being in alignment with who you truly are and showing that to the world. The closer to alignment you are with who you inherent being the more powerful a magnet you become for all your good in life. Sounds bold right, well that's what I do!

My mission is to help every woman shine and feel empowered through what they wear. I feel that we are all unique beings who have our own unique beauty, body shape and so want to show up the world in a way which is unique to us. We however are often told we need to follow a particular beauty ideal, style and look to be beautiful. But there is a beauty within us that is all our own and can only shine when we own and love it completely! So I am here to see the truth of who you are, see your beauty and create a style that aligns with all of this! 

I have always been passionate about women expressing themselves through what they wear and love for beautiful expressive fashion. My passion lead me to work within many Fashion retail environments such as Liberty, Whistles, Hobbs and MaxMara. During this time and beyond I have styled 100s of women knowing how to create beautiful outfits with a great balance of colour, fabric and shape for any body shape. My yearning of wanting to completely focus on making the individual shine led me to branch out to style clients privately. In my branching out and pursuing my purpose I went through a period of deep soul searching/awakening to find my own power. During that time I realised how crucial it was that as women in order to step into our power we had to completely own who we are. That also included owning and honouring our bodies, our beauty and loving it fully. When we don't do this we end up hiding who we are and by doing this we are subconsciously saying who we are is not good enough. 

But when you truly own who you are and you dress in a way that sets your true being on fire you feel liberated, beautiful and empowered. When you feel empowered the world truly is then your oyster and you have the power to live a life aligned with who you truly are, accepting only what serves you and being able to follow your bliss.

Who thought clothes could do all of this! But it can as it can be an external celebration of all that you are within . So together lets help you step into your power and divinely express yourself through what you wear!

May you live an empowered life aligned to your good,