Jumpsuits are for all, don't let that jersey slim leg jumpsuit tell you otherwise!

Jumpsuits have been around in fashion for a long time and never really ever goes out of fashion. Each season it just gets and update whether it be with prints, fabrics and colours. Spring time is lovely time of year when the weather starts to warm up, the flowers bloom and everyone just has an extra spring in their step. Although its warmer you may not feel ready to really get your legs out so a jumpsuit is a great way to look more springlike without baring any flesh. 

I know many of us believe that jumpsuits are just not for us because of that one time you tried one of those jersey slim leg jumpsuits and did not like what was looking back in the mirror at you. Let me tell you its not just you!! Those jersey slim leg trousers are just not made for most women's bodies. a) Jersey is not forgiving and b) the slim leg does not work for many body shapes! Let me give you a brief outline on what shape is best for each body type.

Apple shape - A jumpsuit with a V neck in a more structured fabric with a wide or slim (not narrow) bottom. You can also benefit from the new wave of culotte jumpsuits. 

Body Shapes

Pear Shape - Go for jumpsuit with a slash neck or boat neck and it will give the appearance of being broader on top. You can really have fun with the current seasons off the shoulder jumpsuit. I recommend the bottom of the jumpsuit to be a wide leg, a peg leg or you can also do the culotte jumpsuit of the current season.

Carrot - I suggest staying away from V necks and going for something softer like a scoop neck. You can also do something with an asymmetric neck line. I would suggest volume on the bottom with a wide leg or at the slimiest a straight leg.

Hourglass - You really need a jumpsuit that will cinch you in at the waist with a V neck. The bottom of the jumpsuit can be a straight leg or a wide leg which will make your waist look even smaller.

So that being said here are a couple of my favourite jumpsuits on the market:

Jumpsuits Spring'16

1. Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit by Love, Topshop, £45

2. V neck Peg leg jumpsuit, Asos, £45

3. Four shadow Ruffle jumpsuit, C/MEO collective, £155

4. Pinstripe jumpsuit, Uterque, £160

So go out shopping and dispel this myth that you cant wear a jumpsuit!