Let your underwear be just that, under-wear!

The summer is well on its way and with this time comes outfits which are lighter, silkier and  less forgiving. With this comes greater responsibility to get the underwear right as you may have a beautiful outfit on but with ill fitting wrong colour choice underwear underneath it will completely spoil the beautiful outfit that you so lovingly put together. 

Fit is one of the most important things when thinking about underwear so for bras I feel women should get measured regularly, many of the department stores offer a free bra fitting service so we have no excuse ladies! I recommend trying several department stores as different brands come up differently and also so you can compare the results. As for briefs, I am one of the biggest advocates of high waisted briefs regardless if your a size 8-20. They just create a much better silhouette and are not likely to give you lumps you never knew you had any. Also, Summer = seam-free briefs! I think at this time of year with the lighter, tighter outfits you just need seam-free briefs.

As for colour I am really pleased to see that the lingerie industry is realising that the term 'nude' is about a thing being a colour close to a persons skin tone. With that realisation they also had to acknowledge that their shoppers come in more than 1 or 2 skin tones but a whole host of skin tones.....well we have different foundations don't we!? So enter the new breed of lingerie and brands leading the way with it!


Naja a lingerie brand with a desire to make the world a better place. So when you shop with them you are helping their female workforce to get paid an above average wage. Also help provides things such as books to the children of the single mothers on their workforce. On top of all of that they believe in great quality bras marketed in a way that is sensitive to women. Great huh! Their 'Nude for all' range comes in 7 shades so I am sure there is a shade to match most skin tones! The only draw back is the hefty delivery costs you will have to incur as it is being shipped from the US.  But I think it is great lingerie and totally worth it!



Nubian Skin

Nubian skin is a British based company who was set up as they saw that there was a lack of choice on the market for 'nude' lingerie for many women. They stock both lingerie and hosiery in a host of shades. They have both essential T-shirt bras and also a lace collection. Also, their price point is amazing so you have to check them out!