Exude some femininity with a blouse...

We are women. Ok, so I know I'm stating the obvious but in this androgynous fashion world I feel we sometimes forget this. We as women are equally as strong as men but our power comes not from brawn but from our gentle and subtle feminine energy. So why don't we use it! Now, I don't say that we should go out there and start posting nude selfies like a certain person I will not name but that we could display it in a more subtle way.

My quick way of adding that gentle feminine touch is to wear a blouse, not a shirt but a blouse. There I said it! I say blouse and I know for most of you it conjures up images of our mothers, doesn't matter how old you are images of your mother come to mind. Well the fundamental difference between a blouse and a shirt to me is that the former is cut just for us, women. It allows for our curves and very often comes in a sumptuous soft to the touch fabric. Now I'm not saying you need to go super feminine unless this is your souls calling but add it to a pair of jeans for that soft but modern vibe. 

Here are some of my favourites 'blouses' from the high street and I show you just how to wear one. So come on, get in touch with that feminine way. 

Blouse A/W16

1. Zadig & Voltaire, £315, 2. Pure Collection, £129 3. Marks & Spencer, £29.50 4. Bimba Y Lola, £135

Blouse Outfit AW16

Shirt, as above; Jeans, River Island £42; Shoes, Lipsy £59; Bag, Mulberry £595;