'Hello Empowerment' Package

Bespoke Styling Services

My mission is to help women re-connect with their beautiful, confident, empowered self and to show that to the world through what they wear. So I created this package to give you the complete package to take you to a place of owning who you are, loving the way you look, having your own go to style and feeling completely empowered.

We all have the capacity to feel and go through life feeling enough and feeling empowered. It is buried deep down within us underneath all these messages we get bombarded with about we need to 'fix' ourselves. With this package I get down and speak to the part of you that knows its brilliance and bring it out in some amazing outfits.

Now how do I do that you say? Well here is how it works:

  • First a initial consultation (It sounds way to formal, its more of an informal get to know you sessions, I promise its painless!) But it is my chance to really connect to the authentic you.
  • Then we do the deep wardrobe cleanse as your wardrobe gives me vital clues as to where your mindset is at and what we need to overcome to make your brilliance shine.
  • Then we do the fun shopping part where by that point I have enough info to really bring you out of yourself. But in fact with this package you get 3 shopping trips so that we can really cement your new found style and of course your new found empowered self.

Then you are ready to fly my beloved! You will now be wearing things that make you feel good and confident. Warning, this new found confidence can and will trickle into other aspects of your life! So don't be surprised if things start changing to suit your new found empowerment! 

So if you are ready to be visible, shine, be authentically you and grasp your own unique power with both hands then get in contact!