Wardrobe Cleansing

Wardrobe cleansing is so important as it holds clues as to who you were which is the beginning to understanding who you want to be. Sometimes holding on to pieces that don't serve who you or your body is actually just blocking flow of new energy and subsequently items which can help you shine brighter. Those clothes that you no longer wear or feel comfortable wearing are simply holding you hostage to who you use to be. Liberate your closet of this and you will liberate your life!

Having less items which are completely authentically you is better than having a wardrobe full of items which are not celebrating all that you are.

So this is really for you if you:

- You genuinely feel you like you lots of clothes, after all they all fall on you when you empty your wardrobe but you also genuinely do not feel like you have anything to wear.

- Shop regularly, especially sale shopping but when you try to put outfits together you are still stumped and your heart does not sing when you get dressed.

- You have lots of items with tickets on them which are actually quite old, you just for some reason never get a chance to wear them.

- You know your wardrobe needs tweaking but you’re not sure what to get rid of and how to put together what you have left.

- You're a hoarder and just cant seem to get rid of things but you keep adding new things and are now overwhelmed!

Out of the right wardrobe with 20 pieces you can get 100s of combinations so it’s not always quantity but quality. Also it’s about how to put them together to make these amazing combinations and if they feel really you i.e you feel genuine joy when you put them on! If you don't feel joy when you put something on and you have tried putting it on several times then there is something wrong.

This service would entail a visit to your home and initially have chat so we can connect and I can understand where you are in life and in your wardrobe. I will then advise you on what you really should keep, get rid of and how to put it all together. I will also advise what shapes and colours work best for you for your future shopping trips to ensure you get the right things. You can also add on the additional service of me making a bespoke Pinterest board just for you of things I feel your wardrobe needs.