Paulema - The Authenticity Advocate

a wonderful
Limitless Life
of Peace and
joy is not only
possible for
you, its already


Let me help you get there!

Paulema - Authenticity Adovate.jpg

Hi, I’m Paulema and I have been on my own journey where I navigated myself through the darkness to the other side of real peace, joy, confidence in myself and my abilities to make anything possible.

And ohhh how good that feels!

I know you too would like this!

You have read books and watched videos on Spirituality & Personal Development but you are still living a life where you are fighting fires both internally and externally? And you feel you are going round in circles.


From my own journey and helping others with theirs I know that although we are all trying to get to peace and the ability to create a life we love …..the path is different from person to person.

That’s why you need someone who can see the truth of who you are and see the blocks preventing you from attaining it.


Speak to me and I can clearly hear the subconscious truths holding you back and creating the life that leads you dissatisfied.

I have honed this skill so well that I can’t even turn it off and hear it even when I am just talking in passing to random strangers!

Buuuut I keep it to myself unless I believe you really want to know and are ready to hear it!

So,I absolutely know I can help you, the question is are you ready to help yourself?