Paulema - The Authenticity Advocate

a place of
Calm and
joy is possible
for you!


Welcome! you are
exactly where you are supposed to be!

I know you have been led here because all you want is calm/peace within, loving lasting relationships and a life of joy. 

You have read books and watched videos on Spirituality & Personal Development but you are still living a life where you are fighting fires both internally and externally?


Because I’ve been there! Hi, I’m Paulema and I have been on my own journey through this! I navigated myself through the darkness to the other side of peace. And ohhh how good this life of peace and happiness feels!

Paulema - Authenticity Adovate.jpg

From my own journey and helping others with theirs I know that although we are all trying to get to peace, balance and happiness…..the path is different from person to person.

That’s why you can take in a whole lot of general information but still not find your way!


You just need your own personal road map to help you navigate from where you are to where can bring you the most peace and happiness. Navigating all your pitfalls and blocks so you can reach the other side!

I will help you to piece it all together and make a road map to your personal place of peace and happiness!

So lets smile, cry and laugh our way to your peace and joy…..I promise you it will so be worth it!