About ME

It all started when…

I realised that in order to create a life of peace, harmony and joy I craved, I had to face the overwhelming barrage of emotions I was experiencing everyday!


I grew up in a household with a single mother trying her best to support me and once we left St Lucia an absentee father. Even when he was around his absence was also emotional. I was labelled as a ‘sensitive’ child. Which I was but when the term was used it had negative connotations attached.

With all what I absorbed being ‘sensitive’, I grew into an adult who was despite outwardly impressions felt she was not enough, felt responsible for others happiness, thought she was not very pretty, felt unloved, emotionally unsafe, didn’t understand her worth, didn’t truly believe in her own abilities and when someone did she would suffer impostor syndrome. With this much going on, of course there were very few days that there wasn’t a storm of unhappy emotions running riot within!


And so of course I created a life of outer storms that I needed to be constantly fighting!

It kinda looked like this, working for a good company earning a good salary but working very long hours. Perpetually under staff, constantly dealing with issues there, living like it was ground hog day. I was trying to be the model employee and getting recognition however feeling drained and like an impostor.

My personal life which I barely had time for, had a few close relationships that were very much one sided. They were full of me giving and receiving very little in return. This was in both friendships and family relationships which left me depleted!

My intimate relationships were fraught with either emotionally unavailable men or men who loved me and did not understand me. But the real common theme was that my wants in a relationship were heard, understood or met!

All of this caused complete chaos within! It led me to use sweet treats and shopping to give myself a temporary break from all the overwhelm and stress. I also found out I had developed Fibroid Tumours and on research I know stress majorly contributed to it.


I knew it had to change!

I then basically shut down all non essential parts of my life which was basically everything except work and went into myself. I faced (excuse the term) the shit show!

I read books, completed courses, meditated, worked on my mindset, unblocked Chakras, used crystal healing and developed my spirituality. I uncovered parts of me that was in deep pain, where I had false ideas about my loveabilty, what I deserved, how I should be treated, what I wanted and what I could have.

Whilst doing this work I realised I started to feel good within myself……then ‘good’ turned into great! I actually realised I now knew who I truly was and I loved her! I now knew what I wanted, what I deserved, what I was capable of. Also now I loved who I was I now had the strength to be her unapologetically.


At this point I felt a sense of peace about who I was and that peace started to radiate outwards into my life. All those things that didn’t bring peace and joy into my life started to fade away. Even some of those relationships that were unbalanced became more balanced, I was now receiving! I was well on my way to creating the most amazing version of my life!

In now knowing myself, I came face to face with my gifts and who I innately am. I discovered I was was an intuitive Ambivert Empath with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience abilities. With all of this it means I am incredibly sensitive to what is going on far beyond what we see.

I am also incredibly knowledgeable on the Law of the universe such as the Law of Attraction and manifestation. Add to this my uncanny ability to tap into the subconscious, my connection to the Universe/God and there are few lives or situations I can not make sense of or help navigate through.

My gifts which allowed me to get to a great place within myself to create a life of peace and joy, is here to help you create the same whatever it looks like to you.

It is not only possible to have a happy peaceful life of your dreams, but it has manifested already…..you just need to step into the authentic version of yourself that is ready to receive it!

Wishing you lots of love, enlightenment and joy!