How I can help?

A lot of of our distress, unease and big emotions are from at least one of these 5 areas of life. Sometimes it is just 1 area which we just can’t seem to crack or it can be all areas we feel we are in crisis with.

Whatever it is, its okay! What you have experienced so far has led you to this point and will lead you further on to your place of peace and happiness.

The 5 crucial areas of life:


Services Offered


Level 1 - 1 Area

1 month/4 sessions - £500

  • We objectively view how the area is functioning and where the distress is coming from.

  • What scenarios and situations are reoccurring and what emotions it is bringing up.

  • We find the subconscious ideas/mindsets surrounding this area which is creating this distress and strip it away to find who you really are.

  • We then set about healing it using various healing modals.

  • We then start to build a picture of what you really would like this area to look and feel like.

  • Then we start instilling new beliefs/mindsets aligned to your vision

  • Now we sit back and watch things unfold and grow for the better!

Level 2 - 2 Areas

2 months/8 sessions - £1000

We follow the steps of Level 1 with the added steps of:

  • Identifying the common thread between these 2 areas

  • Exercises to optimise all other areas of your life

  • Greater clarity of where your overall life is heading

Level 3 - 3 areas+

3 months plus/12 sessions plus - From £1500

Includes all the steps in Level 1 and 2 plus the following:

  • A full map as to what you want for your life

  • Full understanding how you arrived at the life you have

  • Likely to cause big changes in your life as you are working at quite a few areas

  • Skills developed to keep yourself on track for your vision for your life

You choose which area/areas you would like to look at on each level and we will get you moving with them to a happier place!

Okay, now you’ve seen my services and you know how I can help you the only thing left to do is book an appointment for my 30mins free life health chat!


I know you have been on your journey for a while and have got the stage where you are not sure a life of peace, calm and happiness with your dreams fufilled is possible for you.

But let me tell that it is, it really is!

That voice telling you this is your primal instincts for protection but right now what you need more than protection is growth to move into a whole other space!

Let’s do this!